Friday, 7 November 2014

Wonderful approach to get Quran learning online services

There are variety of reasons that why people must look into signing up for learning Quran for kids program. The pros which emerge from most of these lessons are usually numerous and the ones needs to be clear on benefiting from the same. This kind of Quran education is easy to get with the help of Skype or any other chatting software. All you need is a reliable and good quality internet connection and you could subscribe yourself online to Quran Learning Online.

Learning Quran for kids classes are easy to get, online and there is no need to have a Web camera to attend the Quran class. However; you do to have a good quality Microphone and head phone set. Now a days, there are many websites offering such a service to get education about Islam and Quran, without leaving your home or work place. Each class run time is usually thirty minutes.

Most parents prefer to teach their kids online now, as there is no travelling involve. This means, there is no need to drive kids to nearby Masjid or Mosque. The Qari (teacher) offers On-line Quran Training in such a good fashion and style that almost all parents wants such classes for their children. Quran Learning Online programs available on different Quran teaching websites take students of almost any age. However; the minimum age to start is 4 years. So, if your child is 2 or 3 years old then obviously you need to wait until he/she becomes 4 years old.

Most learning Quran for kids program websites offers the facility to select a male tutor or a female teacher for the purpose of online Quran classes. Also, few Quran Learning Online programs are taught in English language but I would recommend to first check out and confirm the language with your selected website. The reason is that most Quran teachers are hired from Pakistan, Bangladesh, U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. So, most of them know the Urdu and Arabic language as their mother language. English language is an official language of Pakistan, used in courts, banks, hotels and even on bus stops. I assume this is the main reason that most English language speaking teachers are from Pakistan.

Learning Quran for kids programs has some merits that I would like to list as follows:

  • No travelling required
  • All classes are 1 to 1 private lessons.
  • Students get individual attention.
  • All online Quran classes are prepaid.
  • Quran classes are acquirable at hours that are favorable.
  • Availability of Quran classes at convenient hours.
  • Parents could watch their kids during Quran class.

Let me tell you what is required to enroll your kids. Click here to visit the website. I did a search on Google and below are my findings in the form of a list which I have found from most Quran teaching websites.

  • Laptop or I-Pad or I-Phone or Desktop computer.
  • High speed internet connection.
  • Skype messenger.
  • Head phone set with microphone.

As far as the fee for the Quran Learning Online program, most websites charge US$ 70 monthly fee and they offer 5 days class per week and 20 classes per month. Some Quran coaching websites charge US$ 100 for the same learning package.

In coming days, may try to write few more articles on this topic to discuss it further with more details.


  1. This is unique way to learn Quran onilne., an online platform where you can teach and learn the Quran.

  2. I checked your blog I live in USA and want online shia quran teacher in Pakistan. Please tell me if you are offering online quran classes.

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